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             Create custom websites with engaging content and call to action. 


Having a website in today's tech world is more than just a page with your contact information; the right website can create a conversation about your business within the community and bring customers to the buying decision. Your “online” image is vital to the growth and success of your business, no matter the industry or size. 



Business Buddy offers a website design that is not from a template; we provide a unique expression of your business and your business vales. We work with you to build out the perfect site to lead customers to the buying decision. It is a simple process with Business Buddy we ask you some questions about your business industry and about what you want your website to communicate then we take care of the rest. We use industry standards of what your website should look like and what it should say to your customers. Once we have completed the website, you will have the ability to view it and make any changes. 



When Business Buddy builds you a website, it comes with SEO (search engine optimization) features, including SEO content, backend SEO on each page, and local SEO coding. We write all original content and make sure that the content is informative and leads customers to take action. In addition to the content SEO, we take care of backend SEO; this is the tags, descriptions, and keywords that work in the backend of your website to make search engines rank your site higher; higher rank equals sales. 

Business Buddy Website:

  • Professional design 

  • Original SEO content 

  • Easy to expand for future business needs 

  • Secure hosting 

  • Page SEO 

  • Local SEO coding 

  • Social media linking

  • Responsive design with mobile optimization 

  • Privacy policy link, and copyright

  • Name, Address, and Phone number linking to Google for NAP optimization 

  • XLM site map for SEO 

  • Embedded Google map for SEO

  • Click to Call or Book 

  • SSL Certificate 

  • Directory submission for SEO ranking

  • Analytics with monthly reporting 

Frequent questions about website design.

How many pages should my website be?

We suggest starting with a 5-page site; Home, About, 2 Service pages, Contact. The 5-page basic layout to get your business visible. As your business grows, we suggest expanding your site to build more specific pages for the products and services you offer. Helping with your marketing plan to drive customers to take action on your site. A website with 7-14 pages will rank higher and drive more traffic than a 5-page site. Starting with a basic layout and adding pages allows focusing on building pages around your customer needs, giving your site more value.

How long will it take to have my website live?

Depending on how many pages and how complex the design it can take 3-10 days for your website to go live. We offer a 5-page website that can be live in 3-4 days, with marketing services that can get customer action in a few weeks.

Once the website is live, how will customers find it?

Once your website is live, we will submit your URL to all the major search engine directories. Directory submission allows search engines to crawl your site and start ranking your pages. Once submitted, your site will slowly rise in ranking each month; we will report on the ranking each month. The goal is to send the customer to your site directly by social media, business cards, pay per clicks ads, and signage while the SEO helps your site rank higher for organic listing. Organic listing takes time; a website will need frequent updates and content updates to continue to climb in ranking.

Why do I need SEO for my website?

Search engine optimization or SEO is how search engines rank your website for an organic listing. Organic listing gets your customers at a much lower cost than pay per click marketing or social media marketing. A website with solid SEO will rank higher with search engines, which means you will spend less on customer acquisition. Paying less per customer allows your business to be more profitable.

What if I want to write my website content?

If you would like to write your website content, we can help guide you on how to use content SEO to build engaging and search engine friendly content. It is imperative that your content not only speaks to your customers but allows search engines to rank your site with the use of keywords. We are happy to guide you through the process and edit the final content to be SEO friendly.

Is there anything I need to provide for my website?

Business Buddy designs your website with custom graphics and content; however, it is constructive if you can provide images and or videos for your business. We use approved stock photos where needed, but if you have pictures of work completed services or items you are selling, it is better to bring that original content to your website.

Do you own my website, or do I?

You own your website we host it for you on our server space. You are not under contract with Business Buddy and can choose to have another server host your website at any time. All rights are yours; Business Buddy, while hosting your site, will have a design link on the page footer.

What if I already have a website? Can that be updated?

We can build a new site or work with one that is already live; depending on who hosts your server and how the website was created, it may be more cost effective to design a new site then update your current one. If we can easily change the hosting location and the site was built with HTML and CSS standards, we can provide updates; otherwise, it may be best to start over with a coded site that will meet today's web standards.

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