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       Start-Up Consulting Services 

             Helping new businesses implement a successful plan for launching with a strategy to grow. 

We know you have a million things on your mind as you start your new business; this is why you need start up business consulting. Taking the time to speak with a business consultant can help you direct your energy and streamline your thoughts and ideas so that your start up is step by step with smooth, easy transitions. Following a business plan with proven steps can ease you into your new entrepreneur title and help ensure future success and growth. One of the most common mistakes of new business owners is not setting up their business for the future.



Business Buddy offers start-up consulting for new businesses to plan and implement a strategy for long term success. Speaking with an expert who has owned businesses, operated companies, and even failed at business is the best way to keep you from making beginner mistakes. Use the knowledge to your advantage as Business Buddy guides you through business ownership basics and helps you prepare for being a successful business owner. 

Business Buddy Start-Up Consulting:

  • 1 on 1 consulting time 

  • Step by step business planning

  • Actions steps to put the plan in place

  • Business insight recommendations 

  • Unlimited emails and texts

       What results should you expect from business consulting?

Consulting helps you with business insight and real-world knowledge; however it is up to the business owner to enact the advice. Once we agree on a plan, if you implement the steps, results will show. Keep in mind; Business Buddy will work with you, check in on the progress and guild you if things seem off course, but when using consulting services, we are not doing the work for you.  Results vary by how much time and effort you put into the steps and processes we build together during consulting sessions.

Frequent questions about start up consulting.

What services can start-up consulting help me with?

You can rely on Business Buddy to help with areas such as; research, market trends, implement business solutions, strategic relationships, marketing strategy, budgets, growth plans, and goal achievement. We help with a range of new business services and guide you to other platforms to help save you time and money.

When do I need start-up consulting?

The best time to speak with a business consultant is before you start or when you are in the first month or two; why? Because this is where the implementation of a successful plan can make or break the business's future.

Will start-up consulting give me immediate results?

The short answer is yes; however, the long answer is to follow the steps we discussed. Business owners start to see results from the first meeting with more clarity and focus on their goals and how to achieve them. It is essential to know that the effects depend on your actions; moving forward with the plan is critical.

Can Business Buddy do the work for me?

We offer services like social media marketing and website design, where we do the work for you but keep in mind that this is your business ownership journey, and we are here to help lay out the steps. We cannot do everything for you, but we can come close. Our All-In Package is the right fit for someone who wants to have the groundwork laid out and have Business Buddy work for you.

What will I learn during the first start-up consulting meeting?

After the free planning session, we will start with a 1-2 hour meeting, where we will layout the steps needed to reach the goals discussed during the planning session. Each business is unique; there is no cookie-cutter plan that works for every business. We will spend the time going over result-driven steps to reach your goals quicker and avoid costly mistakes.

How many hours will I need to put in to start up consulting?

We suggest a 4-6 hour package of start-up consulting to get started. Business Buddy will not waste time; we get right to your goals and put a plan in place along with useful references. We also spend time researching for you so that we can make the most of those minutes when we meet during consulting time. You will still need to put the plan in action; budget for additional time on your own to implement the steps.

What if I do not agree with the steps or process advised?

Business Buddy has experts who have used the steps and processes to be successful at a business we know it works; however, it is your business, and you need to be comfortable about the steps you are taking to reach your goals. We will never advise you to do something you disagree with, and you are never under a contract to continue to use our services.

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