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       SEO - Search Engine Optimization

            Content and backend Search Engine Optimization for websites, ads, and social sites.

Search engine optimization builds your organic ranking for your business website; this is the simple answer to a very complicated question. SEO takes a strong knowledge of search engine crawlers and keyword usage to build an SEO strategy. Having a web presents without SEO will leave your business in the dust of page 10,000; it will be difficult for customers to locate your business unless they search directly for your name or you pay a lot of money for Google advertising. Using an SEO strategy to build your websites, social media accounts, and company branding will significantly pay off with organic ranking and more customers.  


Business Buddy works to overhaul your current SEO or build a new SEO strategy, overtime giving your business a better organic ranking. We will use keyword research to start creating a layout of your services or products and how customers search for them; once we have this framework laid out, we apply white hat SEO techniques to every site, page, and platform your business has online. Having an organized plan to work keywords into every aspect of your content so that search engines can rank the site more valuable. Monthly updates will keep content and platforms fresh with current crawl standards for continued ranking. We will provide you monthly reporting to see how site ranking changes over time. 

       What results should you expect from SEO?

SEO works in the background with your website, ads, and social sites. The results are not instant and require weekly updating for search engines to rank the site higher. Typically take 1-3 weeks for an SEO strategy to be put into place. Once completed on all your online sites, SEO will need to be updated regularly for the best results. As the SEO is being optimized, it takes 2-4 months for site crawling to move your site up in ranking status. Around the 6-8 month mark, you can start to see the results with higher ranking and more business. At 12-15 months, you will have less ad spend for more customers. 

Business Buddy SEO:

  • SEO content writing 

  • SEO content editing 

  • SEO backend updates

  • SEO keyword research 

  • SEO XLM mapping

  • NAP and handle SEO 

  • Monthly reporting

Frequent Questions about SEO

How soon can I expect results?

SEO is not an overnight wonder, especially if you have a site with no SEO. It will take time for SEO to rank your page higher and be recognized by the search engine as a site that brings value to customers. A new site will have an easier time ranking quicker than a site crawled and deemed SPAM or irrelevant to search engines. We see results within the first 3-4 months, but the best results will come with continued attention to SEO and the upkeep of your online presents.

How will I know if there are results?

We will report monthly on your page ranking; we do a monthly audit of your site and report your page authority and placement so you can see the results in numbers. After 6-8 months, you will see the results in your ad spend and customer acquisition.

What will be updated to keep the SEO current?

Business Buddy SEO services will audit your current listings, social media, and website to see what's needed. Once the initial update is completed to be SEO compliant, we will continue to update content, social media, and pages for the highest SEO ranking. Stagnate websites, social media pages, and listing give your business a lower ranking and cause you to spend more per customer for acquisition.

Will I need SEO for just my website?

Business Buddy suggests using SEO standards across your online presents. The Achieve Package allows us to focus on creating your online presents with SEO across your social media, website, and pay-per-click ads. Business Buddy will use keyword research to develop cohesive online presents that customers can find easily and has the same call to action.

Is there an ad budget with SEO?

There is no ad budget with SEO, but it will directly affect your cost per customer on your ad budget. A website with SEO ranks higher than those without and will give you organic listing to help customers find your business easier. SEO requires frequent updates and content rewrites; there is a monthly fee to maintain SEO but no ad budget to send.

Can I do SEO myself?

Leaning SEO is a time-consuming subject; SEO involves layers of research, web knowledge, and coding experience. Anyone can learn to do anything, but it may be more helpful for you to focus your energy on building your fantastic business and leave the SEO to the professionals.

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