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       Marketing Consulting Services

             Business consulting to help create and implement a marketing strategy to get sales.

Marketing today comes in many shapes and sizes, and the ever-changing landscape of TV, internet, and social media can be challenging to know what will work for your business and what will just cost you money. Having a sharp marketing plan and keeping tracking metrics is very important in making your advertising budget work for you. The term “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a smart start for a successful marketing plan. 


Business Buddy offers marketing consulting to help business owners navigate different marketing platforms and media. We teach you how to use social media, print ads, and PPC ads to market your business for results. Depending on what kind of business you have and how tech-savvy you are, our marketing consulting services can be the perfect way for you to take hold of your business marketing and start to get real results. 

Business Buddy Marketing Consulting:

  • 1 on 1 consulting time 

  • Step by step marketing plan 

  • Actions steps to put the plan in place

  • Marketing budget advise with metrics

  • Unlimited emails and texts

       What results should you expect from business consulting?

Consulting helps you with business insight and real-world knowledge; however, it is up to the business owner to enact the advice. Once we agree on a plan, if you implement the steps, results will show. Keep in mind; Business Buddy will work with you, check-in on the progress, and guild you if things seem off course, but when using consulting services, we are not doing the work for you.  Results vary by how much time and effort you put into the steps and processes we build together during consulting sessions.

Frequent questions about marketing consulting.


  • Director M $50 W $60
  • Master Stylist M $44 W $55
  • Bangs Cut $10
  • Kids 17-13 15%OFF 12-7 30%OFF 6-1 50%OFF
* incl. Shampoo & Blow


Re touch (Roots Only ) $65 ~ for Gray hair $70 ~ Single Process $80 High light $100 ~ Bleach on Colour $150 Double Process inquiry *single color + highlight = -$10off * Hair Length: Medium +$10 Long +$20 Super Long +$30 & UP * Shampoo & Blow are not included, additional charge is needed.


Body Perm $80. bangs only $35 Nuance Wave $85. Hard wave(spiral) $150 〜 Digital Perm $180. Japanese Straight Perm $200. bangs only. $50 * All Solutions from Japan * Hair Length: Medium +$10 Long +$20 Super Long +$30 & UP * Shampoo & Blow are not included, additional charge is needed.


SHAMPOO & BLOW Short $20 Medium $25 Long $30 with Iron (S +$5 M,L + $10) HAIR SET Half up $35 Up do $45 Styling $25 Styling (Long) $30 * Shampoo & Blow are not included,


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