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       Logo Design 

             Create stunning logos that speak to your business brand.

A business logo tells customers a lot about your business at a glance. Having a logo that speaks to your company brand is essential and can make the difference between a customer remembering you over your competition. This visually communicates with customers about your business and what they can expect. Placing your logo on a website, social media page, company shirt, vehicle decals, and storefront signs; requires a responsive logo used in different places with scaled sizes. 



Business Buddy creates logos that match your brand and values to help communicate visually with your customers to keep them thinking of your business. The logo design process is simple; we ask you some questions about your business industry and design style. We take care of the rest. We will use industry research to see what is working and what customers respond to and incorporate that into your logo design. Taking colors and font types to build a custom logo that to use across may platforms. 

Business Buddy Logos:

  • Vector design 

  • 3 Logo design versions

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Black and White File

  • Transparent File

  • Front and color codes

  • Lifetime file storage

  • Own rights to the logo

  • Email signature design with logo 

  • Social sized logo 

  • Logo file in various formats 

Frequent questions about logo design.

How long will it take to get my logo?

Most logos designs are completed in 2-4 days, depending on how complex. We suggest a simple but creative logo design. We will give you some options to choose from before starting the design process to make sure the logo meets your style.

How many versions of my logo will I get?

Business Buddy will give you three versions of your logo; a full logo, a compact logo, and a stamp logo. These versions can be used across different platforms, depending on your needs. We also give you various file formats.

What if I want to make changes to a completed logo?

We offer unlimited revisions during the design process; we can make changes to fonts, colors, and placements. However, once the logo has been completed and delivered in file formats, we charge a fee for file changes.

Do I need a logo; my business is small?

The size of your business today may not be your business's size in a year; it is essential to think of the future of your business and start the branding process with a logo even when you consider yourself small. Customers will begin to relate your logo to your company, and as your business grows, your logo will brand your business.

I have a logo already. Can that be updated?

Business Buddy loves to take old logos and make them new; we can take your current logo and give it a design update. We only need a raw file to convert your logo into a vector graphic and make it updated to your business brand. We will work with you to know what you like and dislike about your logo to keep the branding but give it a fresh face.

Where will a logo be used?

There are many places to use your logo; websites, social media, business cards, print ads, signage, decals, company apparel, company swag like cups, and pens. The places your logo can go are endless. We have resources for vinyl decals, apparel, and swag printing to make it easy for you to brand everything your business needs.

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