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Graphic Design Services 

Design that brand your business - we work as your Business Buddy to help achieve dynamic business branding. 

Graphic design is visual communication about your business and your brand. Robust design can draw in customers and make your brand stand out among your competitors. Streamlining your graphics is essential for your customer to recognize your brand; this means similar fonts, colors, layouts, and logo settings for marketing materials, print ads, digital ads, and signage. 

At Business Buddy, we are enthusiastic about designing custom graphic and print materials to make your business a leader in your industry.  We create original logos used on business materials, design websites that inform customers and lead them to take action. Additionally, we create print ads, business cards, and other print materials to make your brand cohesive from online to in person. We offer design packages to meet your business needs. 

Creating a logo is more than colors and font; at Business Buddy, we use custom design to make your logo unique to you and your business brand. We want customers to know your business just by seeing your logo. A logo is on digital ads, print ads, websites, company apparel, and more; it must be logical and memorable. 



A website is a business's entire online presents. Business Buddy creates stunning customer-friendly, Google approved websites that set your business apart from your competition. We lead customers to take action while informing them with engaging content and graphics, making the site search engine friendly for the best organic rankings. 



Print ads and business cards create another element to brand your business. They help give your customer something tangible and memorable. At Business Buddy, your logo and branding help create print ads, including brochures, flyers, mailers, letterheads, banner signs, and more. We are not limited to one type of print ad. Just ask, and we can create it. 

Your business website is the online voice that tell customers why they should use your business. Be a leader with a great site.

At the start of every business is a good name and then a logo to brand that name. Your logo needs to speak your business name.

Business cards and print ads  get your logo and website in front of more customers. Using a combo of all these will put your business on top.

What exactly is the design process like?

We start by taking an hour to speak with you about your business needs and style details. This first hour is a free planning session; its where we begin to understand you as a business owner and what type of design services will be best for your business. Once the planning session is over, we will send you a detailed plan of action to help reach your business goals. Package our design services with our other services for a discount; our All-In Package comes with unlimited consulting and design services. We will work with you one on one through the design process to design compelling materials that brand your business. We work on the design process over the phone or by video chat, text, or email.

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