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       Google Ad Marketing  

            Google advertising account for pay per click ads; set up and maintenance for a call to action for customers. 

Google advertising is a pay per click account to get your business to the top of page one on Google search and Google search partners. Ad campaigns are built with keywords for customers to see your ad over organic results on a search page. When your ad shows at the top, it is called an impression; only if a customer clicks on your ad do you pay for that call to action. Having a valuable and engaging website is very important; your website needs to call your new customer to action like call now or book an appointment capturing this lead for sale. Google advertising allows customers to find your business, but you will still need an excellent website to capture customers with a call to action. 


Experts in Google advertising; Business Buddy handles everything for you; account setup, keyword research, ad creation, and budget research. Business Buddy will spend time getting to know your business products or services to build a result drive campaign with Google ads. We will use your target customer acquisition goals to give you realistic expectations for your campaign and make updates consistently so that your customers will find your business and stand out over your competitors. Business Buddy uses Google ads to get customers quickly and manage your business growth over time while keeping your business ads on page one of Google. 

       What results should you expect from Google Ads?

Google ads will create calls to action quicker than most other forms of advertising, and the results are easily measured. This form of lead generation works best with a strong landing page specific to the ad and SEO. Goole ad accounts take 1-2 weeks for account setup and Google verification, 2-4 weeks to see customer action, build a strong ad foundation, and 4-6 weeks for ad optimization. Most businesses see their first call to action within the first four weeks. We always suggest a smaller budget for the first month while the account is setting up and verifying; then, we will recommend a full budget depending on the number of customers you want. 

Business Buddy Google Ad Marketing:

  • Account set up 

  • Ad budget spend recommendation

  • Keyword research

  • Keyword bidding

  • Monthly budget research 

  • Ad creation

  • Target audience building

  • Monthly analytic and reporting

Frequent Questions about Google Ads.

How soon can I expect results?

Most businesses see their first call to action within four weeks of account set up and verification. Results will vary for each company, and some niche industries could take longer to see results due to lower search volume. When Business Buddy sets up your Google ads, we will send you the search volume for the keywords, and we will discuss expectations based upon your specific industry.

How much will I need to spend monthly?

Business Buddy will spend time doing market research for your business industry and research competitors ads spend to suggest a budget based upon the current market cost and how many customers you would like to get per month. While we can not guarantee customers monthly, we can work towards your goals with constant updates and ad revisions. Business Buddy will work with you to make a budget that is both manageable and result-driven.

How long will it take to set up Google ads?

Business Buddy will set your google ads account and start building ad campaigns; this takes 3-6 days. Once the Google ads campaigns are set up, Google will verify your account and campaigns, and once approved, the ads will start to show within 2-3 days. Business Buddy suggests 7-10 days for account set up and verification.

How many ads will be run?

Google ad campaigns are set up based on your business's primary products or services; we suggest no less than three campaigns to start. Once the campaigning is built with keywords that customers would use for searching that product or service, we will create three to five ads per campaign. More complex campaigns might have as many as seven to ten ads per campaign.

Do I have control over the ad budget?

Business Buddy will give you budget suggestions and recommendations based upon our research; however, you will always control your Google ad spend. Our proposals will use market research, competitors' spend, keyword cost, and search volume to get the expected results. Only you will know what kind of budget is manageable for your business; knowing what you can spend will help us give you a desired result within the allotted budget.

Can I change the ad budget monthly?

Business Buddy will send you monthly reports showing your ad results, and Google ad spends; each month, you have control over changing your budget. If your business is experiencing great results, but you are finding it hard to manage all your new customers, we can reduce the budget. Likewise, if you are ready for more customers, we can increase your budget to fit your business growth plan. Having control over your monthly budget will allow you to grow your business over time, and with our SEO plan, you will find that you will gain more organic customers, and over time can reduce your ad spend and still get the same or more customer leads.

How many customers can I expect from my Google ads?

Great question. One of our first questions is how many customers do you want to get monthly; once we know this, we can use market research, competitors spend, keyword cost, and search volume to get an idea of the expected results. Business Buddy will work hard to meet your expectations, using ad updates and keyword research weekly to make updates to your campaigns so we can get the results you desire.

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