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Marketing that works - we work as your Business Buddy to help expand your marketing. 

A business needs to pack a marketing punch by combing all the essentials; SEO, social media, and pay-per-click ads. Knowing how to use these elements to create a successful combination can be costly without expert knowledge; talk to an expert today who can handle all this for you. 


At Business Buddy, we specialize in digital marketing from website SEO to Google ads; we know what will get customers to take action and make the process simple to see results. We can create digital ads to target your audience, which will get you sales. Business Buddy will handle all the social posting, ad creation, page maintenance, and SEO, helping you spend more time saving your customers. 

Content and backend SEO helps search engines rank your website and help make your marketing budget go farther. Without proper SEO, you will spend more per customer for acquisition in the digital space. Business Buddy works hard to create an SEO plan that will help both paid advertising and organic searching. Over time with strong SEO and targeted digital ads, your website will move forward on the organic search, and your ad dollars will have much more spending power. 



In recent years, social media has taken over with more apps and platforms for your business, which platforms are most helpful to your company for branding and customer acquisition. Social media brands your business and creates customers; some platforms are better for specific industries; without expert knowledge, it can be a costly trial and error. Business Buddy sets up and manages your social media to make the most of your digital marketing. 



Google ads get customers to take action if done right. Most people click the first three listings on the Google search page; with the proper keywords and engaging ads, more customers will find your website, leading to more sales. Business Buddy handles everything from account set up, keyword research, budget suggestions, and ad creation. Google ads work best with a good website and solid SEO; having these things will significantly reduce your cost per customer.

Search engine optimization gives your business more viability online. More visibility equals customers.

Social media marketing brands your business; with posts about your business and business values. 

Google ads allow customers in your target audience to find your business and take action by calling or booking.

What exactly is the digital marketing process like?

We always start by taking an hour to speak with you about your business needs and current marketing plan. This first hour is a free planning session; its where we start to understand you as a business owner and what type of digital marketing services will be best for your business. Once the planning session is over, we will send you a detailed plan of action to help reach your business goals. Package digital marketing with our other services for a discount; our All-In Package comes with unlimited consulting and digital marketing. We will work with you one on one through the marketing process to create engaging marketing to get more sales. We work on digital marketing over the phone, by video chat, text, or email. 

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