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You don’t have to be alone - we work as your Business Buddy to help consult you through every launch stage.

Business consulting can help you launch, expand, and achieve. Using a consulting service is the best way to get right to your business needs and get results without spending countless hours testing what might work; talk to an expert today. 

At Business Buddy, we are experts at business navigation with endless resources to help your business. If you want help pinpointing what's next to grow your business or learn how to handle your social media marketing, we can help you.  We offer several types of consulting services; package consulting with our other services for a discount. 

As a new business, some challenges can cost you time and money. Start-up consulting helps prepare a new business launch and saves the beginner headaches that come with new business ownership. Implementing processes and steps at the beginning stages is the best way to prep for success. Business Buddy helps you navigate these challenges and set up strategies for a smooth launch. 



Creating and implementing a marketing plan is vital for success long term. Marketing consulting sets up a strategy that will expand as your business grows. Business Buddy can teach you how to use different marketing media to grow your business. Marketing consulting is perfect for the business owner that wants to run the marketing of their business. We help to put together a plan, setting marketing expectations and realistic budgets. 



Growth can be challenging to manage if it happens too quickly or not quickly enough. Either can be costly to your business and the future. Growth consulting guides you on how to grow your business with a step by step plan to scale up or down depending on industry trends and current market status. Business Buddy helps you set up a growth plan with your future goals in mind and fills the gaps in getting there, with measurable and consistent results. 

Start up business consulting gives your new business an edge with expert business guidance to save you time and money. 

Marketing consulting puts your business on top with a marketing advantage. Knowledgeable plan for advertising your business. 

Growth consulting for when you are ready for the next phase of your business. Grow your business with a plan that equals profit. 

What exactly is the consulting process like?

We always start by taking an hour to speak with you about your business needs and current status. This first hour is a free planning session; its where we begin to understand you as a business owner and what consulting will be best for your business. Once the planning session is over, we will send you a detailed plan of action to help reach your business goals. Package consulting with our other services for a discount; Our All-In Package comes with unlimited consulting. We can consult in person, over the phone, or by video chat; we suggest one of these methods over text or email due to the amount of information. 

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